A review of Maine Red Bud

A reclusive, old hybrid strain from the woods of Maine. Large dense buds, and a pungent earthy smell. Very disease and pest resistant. A joy to grow and even more so to smoke. Roll one up and burn down this review with me. 

Red Bud has been one of my long time favorite strains. Maine Red Bud has a long history, starting from genetics brought from California in the 70's. The unknown strain was crossed with seeds brought back by Veterans from the Vietnam war. In the late 90's seeds brought from the Afghan wars were crossed into the genetics. The result was a clone only breed we today call Red Bud. Local breeders in the Lake Region are still using Red Bud genetics to this day to cross-breed and create new strains. It has been prided on it's disease resistance, yield, and medicinal effects.
An old breed with a long history here in the Lake Region.
The first thing that caught my attention was the density and size of the bud. The bud has an intense earthy smell with a citrus undertone. Trichomes coated the whole bud. The trim job was decent. If the bud was broken down more it would have been complete.  As the bud broke down the citrus intensified. The buds had a high resin content, very sticky. As I lit up I was greeted with a very pungent earthy taste. The smoke was smooth with no noticeable nutrient burn through the session. The joint burned a clean white ash. I was pleased with the immediate relaxing feeling that came over me. A wonderful mix of body high and pain management, and a relaxing head high without causing anxiety. 
Overall I was impressed with the Maine Red Bud. I was happy with the old school, earthy flavor and the overall wonderful high. It is an old breed with a long history here in the Lake Region. I feel safe calling it one of my all time favorite strains. 

Smell: 8/10
Taste: 7/10
High: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10


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