Can blueberry withstand the test of time?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say blueberry is a fairly popular strain. Originating around 1970, blueberry rose to prominence when it won the Cannabis Cup in 2000. In those thirty years, many seed banks attained access to Blueberry, and breeders did their magic. The result is many crosses and different strains, making it tough to pin down a specific cut to review it.
          The review
The first time I came across Blueberry, I was introduced with small but dense sugar coated buds. A dark green with prominent yellow and orange hairs. What appealed to me most was the smell. If i told you to close your eyes and smell, you would swear we just walked through a blueberry patch off the coast of Maine. The high was almost immediate and I could feel it behind my eyes. It was relaxing and euphoric. I did not experience any couch lock, but noticed I had more of an appetite than usual after smoking. Overall it was a pleasant high, and I would medicate with Blueberry again, especially for appetite stimulation, and anxiety.
If i told you to close your eyes and smell, you would swear we just walked through a blueberry patch off the coast of Maine.
     How's it grow?

 Due to how well the blueberry performed on our road tests, we decided to take a cut of it and give it the old college try. What we found was different than expected. Although it is a dark plant, we never got the blue or purple hues we heard so much about. The plant rooted and grew quickly, with hearty stalks. Unfortunately our good fortune stopped when we put her into the bud room. Blueberry sure did live up to it's reputation for smell and taste, but she didn't yield much compared to other strains grown similarly.  The buds were small popcorns spaced out throughout the plant, with no obvious top colas. She was a joy to trim, with very few secondary leaves. What was there was sugar coated and produced concentrates that held the taste of the plant. 
 -Grown under 1000wHPS
-GH nutrients
-Vegged under t5 flourescent
-ALWAYS grown with love

       Does it hold up?
Overall, I believe that blueberry is as competitive a strain as it was 16 years ago, or 46 years ago, for that fact. This strain is priceless for it's genetics, and the history behind it. By growing blueberry, you're growing a piece of cannabis history.  Overall, I would suggest this plant for your grow. Give it time to dial her in, and you'll be pulling out some smelly, sugary medicine.

Stay safe, stay medicated! -Destin



04/16/2016 3:10pm

An olde school favorite..Many varietys around Maine to be found.


I love blueberries. I always find them sweet, succulent, full of nutrients, and can be eaten freshly picked as well as incorporated into a variety of recipes. With reference to one of the pages of Medical News Today site, many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods like blueberries decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

12/07/2016 5:51am

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There are a lot of things that you can use from blueberries. My mom usually makes blueberry cheesecake every Sunday. I also enjoy the blueberry tea of my grandmother after eating our dinner. However, because of the sweetness of blueberries, eating too much of it will cause diabetes. So I suggest to take some control. Limit yourself in eating too much of it. Just in a moderate manner, it is nice to enjoy the blueberries that you love with a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

12/08/2016 3:20am

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