Is BHO safe?
   An interesting topic at hand that got brought up recently by a friend of mine.
Some say yes, Some say no. Lets chop this up while we medicate and get down to the roots of this topic...

So how is BHO made?

     BHO, or Butane Hash Oil is a Super Critical extraction of marijuana. Generally people take trim and small buds and put it into a glass or plastic tube, with a tiny opening on one end and an open end. They pack the open end with trim or nugs, and cover it with a coffee filter or mesh screen. In the other end, they place a can of butane, and run it through into a dish that can withstand the temperature. They will get a liquid butane with a sticky yellow hue. The goal now is to heat the substance to a temperature warm enough to release the volatile butane, without releasing terpenes or THC. This can take quite awhile, and can be quite dangerous. Obviously, butane is a flammable substance, and when in liquid form, it stays flammable.
      IT IS IMPORTANT that you do not introduce any flame or spark in or around your work area while making BHO. Using warm water usually, you heat the product to a temperature where the butane will evaporate off, leaving a sticky honey like substance. Depending on temperature and handling, you can end up with crumble, shatter, honey oil, wax. The next and most important step is to use a vacuum oven to finish your product, and remove any remaining butane left in your product. 
So, why is this unsafe?

   There's always going to be butane left over in your BHO. Even contestants in the high times have had products disqualified due to too high PPM of butane in the product. There are other alternatives to BHO which offer the same potency and taste without the need of a solvent, or a less dangerous solvent. Some extract artists are tried and true to their ways. 

   On a personal note, i beg to argue that there is more butane inhalation when you light a bowl, or light a bong, or even take the first hit off a joint. I could be wrong, and please correct me if I am. Also the physical amount of smoke you inhale when you smoke extracts compared to flower is significantly less. With potency levels from 45%-65%, you can take one hit where you took 10. We may agree to disagree, but i believe smoking extracts is healthier than smoking flower. Edibles aside! 

             Enjoy your Medicated Monday!



jon doh
04/11/2016 4:05pm

Guess as long as you can make it to work the next day aint none of my concern as the grower

10/17/2016 8:17am

Hi there! I think that this is a very interesting topic you have on this article. While the topic for Butane Hash Oil is still on debate for its benefits. I do agree that it is a Super Critical extraction of marijuana. It is great that options are being provided. However, I think that it would be best to know the references or sources of your research. We would really appreciate it.

01/05/2017 12:31am

Thank you for sharing this article with us. BHO wax has a lot of health benefits in our body. Dabbing or consuming highly concentrated marijuana in a vaporized form from cannabis oil, reduces the risk of lung damage associated with smoking. It's just unsafe because of its dangerous preparation. If it is not produced with high standards, there will be high levels of butane which can be dangerous.

11/24/2017 6:48am

This topic looks very sensitive to me as there are people who are not comfortable talking about it, just like me. But on the other hand, I also realized that it would be good for this matter to be taught in public as it will raise awareness to people. I am hoping that the effect of this article would be positive because if it's the other way around, I think we will have a hard time.

08/22/2016 1:29am

This is really informative post from every angle because it is too much important to learn about marijuana and how we can it recover. No need of worry now, because all the information is true about this. I recommended all the visitor to check out this article and get valuable trick to get ride of this drugs.

08/01/2017 3:50am

Every smoking is bad for our health. It can't be healthier.


Nice reason of explaining why they are unsafe.

10/02/2017 12:51am

These short forms are too famous these days.


But a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style and design .

12/13/2017 8:02am


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