Captain's Cake is a hybrid strain originating in New England bred by The Captains Connection. Known for It's sugar coated appearance and sweet taste, it lives up to it's name. Heavy hitting parent genetics. It packs an intense, uplifting high, not for the lightweight.  Highly recommended to give this one a try!

Captains Cake, a Hybrid bred by The Captains Connection is a fairly new strain. The parent genetics are Girl Scout Cookie X White Fire Alien. With parent genetics like this it's hard to go wrong.
 Most of us are familiar with Girl Scout Cookie. For those who are not it's a popular Indica dominant strain originally bred in California. Praised for it's high potency and appearance. Some complaints were the low yields and difficulty to grow. It's grown to be one of the most popular strains, especially on the west coast.
 White Fire Alien is another Indica dominant strain bred by OG Raskal of California. Another strain known for it's high potency and sweet tastes.
With parent genetics like this it's hard to go wrong.
 The Captains Cake buds are dense and almost white with trichomes. Resin production was decent, enough to make your hands sticky but not too sticky to debilitate you from doing anything with them. 
The buds have a pleasing lemon lime smell with vanilla undertones. The smoke followed suit, being very flavorful. You're introduced with a thick lemon diesel sort of taste at first, with a sweet aftertaste taking over on the exhale. The high is almost immediate, you're hit behind the eyes and it works it's way down into the rest of your body. The high is uplifting and chatty, but also sedative. You won't be high out of your mind, but your body will be very relaxed and comfortable.

Captains cake is a 8-9 week flowering strain with a fairly short plant height. Good for both indoor and outdoors. From what I've seen of growth it seems to be a bushy strain with thicker stems. It cloned with a 100% success rate and seems to be fairly forgiving to work with, I have not had the chance to see it in flower yet, but from others I have heard it's a good yielding breed that's fairly receptive to many different nutrient regiments. 
This fairly new strain is quickly becoming a favorite among many people. The beautiful appearance is enough to sell me alone on this strain, but the high potency, the ease of growth, and the taste have quickly moved this breed up my list of favorite breeds. I would recommend Captains Cake to anybody suffering from body pain, digestive issues, or headaches. It's becoming more and more available in the New England community. I hope you get a chance to get your hands on some and try it out yourself!

Taste: 7/10
Smell 7/10





Up until a few years ago when I really got into the cannabis culture, I didn't know there was much more to Cannabis than THC. If it's sticky and sugary it must get you stoned. It must have a high THC% right? Wrong. There's many active compounds in Cannabis. THC and CBD are just two.  AC/DC is a strain that is prized for its 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, giving many of the therapeutic benefits to the user without the "high" along with it.

AC/DC is a CBD rich strain bred for medicinal use. Prized for CBD "Cannabidiol" to THC "Tetrahydracannabinol" ratios as high as 20:1, users have praised it for giving many of the medical benefits of cannabis without the high that a THC rich plant will give. Ac/Dc's parent genetics include Cannatonic, an equal part THC to CBD plant. Some will argue that Ac/Dc and another strain, Oracle, are actually one and the same. Taken from Project CBD
It appears that some of these CBD-dominant strains have different names but are actually the same plant. The LA-based Werc Shop analyzed the terpene content of two CBD-dominant strains, “Oracle” and “ACDC,” and found that they were identical.

“A terpene analysis is like a fingerprint,” explains Werc Shop’s president Jeff Raber. “It can tell you if it’s the same strain with different names. We can see strains going by different names that have the same terpene profile. We now know the strains are identical.”
When I first encountered Ac/Dc I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. Dense, earthy, and very oily buds. It smelled reminiscent of pine sap. It was a light, pleasant high, almost more of a relaxing buzz. Highly recommended for extractions. CBD's are very valuable for a variety of health benefits. Highly recommended for pain relief due to the ability to bind to CB1 receptors in the body, easing pain, and it's anti inflammatory properties. 
   High CBD extracts have proven anecdotally successful in slowing cancerous tumor growth. Also known to help increase the appetite, mitigate nausea and vomiting. Shown successful to help with anxiety as well. 

    CBD law in the united states varies from state to state. 25 states have legalized the growing of industrial hemp. CBD products are legal across the united states, as long as they're made with the stalk of a mature hemp plant. We can also import hemp products made this way. This is why you can buy hemp lotion, or a hemp T-shirt. Hemp oil is just the same. Although legal, we are confined to using an inferior product to produce hemp and cbd oil. Here is an in depth article explaining the in's and outs of the laws on CBD and hemp oil. 
Ac/Dc is a strain with numerous medical benefits. Whether you're using this to make Rick Simpson Oil, juicing the leaves, making edibles, or just enjoying the flower. Anybody is bound to find a use for this strain. 
*- It's a low THC strain.
Taste: 7/10
Smell 8/10
Hello, and welcome back to the blog!

We're sorry about the long summer hiatus. We've been very busy working on projects at the homestead. Between Setting up a new grow room, Maintaining our old rooms, doing outdoor projects, Preparing for NOvember, and raising our 9 month old, I've had very little time to dedicate to the website. I want to take this time to say 
I'm sorry, but I'm back!

The hiatus I've taken has given me a chance to look at the website with a fresh pair of eyes, and a fresh set of ideas. Some of these ideas will be implemented over time, some immediately. I'm excited for all of these, and I think you will be too!

1) Free Caregiver & Dispensary Web Space.
You've heard this right. From now on if you're a Medical Cannabis provider in Maine or Northern New England, I want to hear from you! Instead of charging to highlight caregivers and dispensaries on my website, I want to have as complete a list as possible of the different places people can get the medicine they need, whether its up in Fort Kent, or down in Kittery. If you're a legal provider of Cannabis, Get in touch with us today to have your medicine on our website!

2) Video Reviews
Americans consume more Video now than ever. Youtube used to be a place for funny videos and conspiracy theory. It's now a worldwide tool used for instruction, news, reviews, and much more. 3.25 billion hours are spent watching videos on Youtube per month. Having a direction of that filtered our way can shine light on the beautiful Cannabis cottage industry we've created.
3) Cannabis News
Finally, we will be offering Cannabis related news updates via our facebook page. The key to staying on top is staying informed! Stay updated on local, state, and federal Cannabis stories, and if you hear of anything we should be covering and haven't yet, contact us!
Thank you for bearing with us during this very busy summer season! We're glad to be back and excited to continue working and growing our website, and cannabis community as a whole!
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